Inspirational and energetic keynote

Inspirational and energetic keynote

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 Where Energy flows success goes 

For most companies, the concept of "ENERGY" is not something you actively work with. This despite the fact that it is actually the basic substance of success as a company.

Through a  20 years life  journey in both personal development and leadership development -  Ulrik Nerløe has come to new insights into the way to release the full utilization of the energies and the many opportunities that lie in it. The combination of energy and business strategic understanding has yielded some unique results for individuals, management and employee groups in both small and medium-sized and large enterprise companies.

Most people have experienced how other people can drain us from energy by a negative attitude, a negative mindset, a negative behavior, etc. The question is just whether we as a company are witnessing how big the consequence the negative energy has for our company and its results?

However, the energy impact does not necessarily have to come only from humans, but you can just as much come internally in the form of:

• Meaninglessness in processes, meetings, strategies tasks, etc
• Low managerial quality
• Lack of insight into the direction the company wants to go in
• Employees in the wrong positions
• Poor or no communication
• Conflicts - internal and external
• Internal fear
• External pressure from the parent company or competitors
• Etc.

In short: everything it takes to run a business can have a negative and positive effect on energy and is thus seen directly in the company's results.

When an organization and management gain insight into how you as a company can work with energy, you will also be able to build renewable positive energy, and maintain it and thereby use the energy to create the results of the future. Results that for many seem completely unattainable but still succeed.

Some companies talk about their "magic touch" others call it the spirit of the company. Success has many fathers, but basically it is energy that everyone talks about and the question is just whether you know how to make full use of the opportunities that lie in energy - as a person, family, friend, colleague, leader, company etc.

The keynote will be 45-60 minutes