The Future of work is energy

 The energy perspective of work is holistic. The personal, social, and global energy must resonate and be synchronized for something to happen in an orderly and desired manner. Sustainability must be firmly anchored in everything we do. Work must transform from ego-driven to eco-driven. This is the inevitable conclusion from the energy perspective.

Go full circle
The future of work could be different from now. Perhaps it has more to offer than purpose, pay and promotion. Perhaps it can be even more meaningful and fulfilling. Perhaps we could work for other reasons and in other ways. As we become more energy conscious, we may realize work could actually be a way to heal the world. Changing work could change the world.

To establish a balanced flow of energy we need to go all the way round and all the way out. The main challenge is to replace the make-use-waste dogma with a reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy. Sustainability comes from transforming the linear win-win thinking into a full circle mindset. A generally shared circular model of work will be an important step towards making people and planet profit.

Be one for all
Most business motives are personal and tribal. As a company or team, we want to win, often at the expense of others. Competing for dominance is the ultimate driver. In the ruling paradigm, the recipe for success is strategic thinking, market intelligence and behavioral design. The us-versus-them mentality turns other people into opponents and enemies. Saving profit is more important than saving the planet.

However, more and more of us recognize that sustainable solutions cannot be exclusive but must be inclusive. Competition is not the killer app anymore — collaboration and partnering is. Instead of keeping others away from our value creating circles, we invite them in. Which makes sense, since we all share the same global challenges and the same destiny if we cannot find ways to solve the problems.

Share it all
The energy perspective unites us not only with fellow human beings and other living organisms, but with all existing and non-existing. From the Big Band to the present day, the universe has expanded. Seemingly separate and different entities have the same origin. We are created from the same material.

The more we feel as part of the whole, the more meaningful and fulfilling the life experience becomes. The human connection era is here. Finally, we can realize the world we want. As we learn to consciously balance the flow of energy, technology and work will have the power to heal the world.