Energy consciousness creates sustainable foundations for the future.

Become aware of the unconscious and create a sustainable future in the organisation with whole people.


It is about energy! Most organisations always have been aware that the company spirit is one of the things of most value to them. It is the spirit that the employees live and breathe for. Besides the products and services the company sell customers buy into the spirit in the process of deciding who is going to be their supplier.

Many companies defend the spirit and are aware of that it must be cared for, but few think about that the spirit is a feeling which is lived through energy. We cannot see, hear or touch, but we can feel energy. The good and meaningful energy is the warm and fulfilling feeling we are “struck” by when the spirit is supported by the right energy.

The challenge is that typically we are not aware of what generates or block our energy. This applies whether or not it is your personal energy, the company’s energy or the energy that surrounds us.

It is about transforming the unconscious to the conscious. Research has shown that 98% of what an average human being does, think or feel is unconscious. Changing this is one of the most unexploited potentials in us humans. This requires that we pause and change our mindset, what we do and how we interact with our emotions. This transformation requires energy.

In this lecture, Ulrik will inspire and challenge the participants through reflections and experiences. The objective is that the participants will leave the lecture with a greater understanding of what each of us do, think and feel unconsciously and to what extent being conscious about this can change the energy. Both your own and the energy you pass on to others.


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