Social Energy

The energy we share makes us care and dare
By directing and uniting our energy we can contribute to a positive development in our community, in the society and the rest of the worldA new work paradigm based on energy consciousness is emerging in many fields and areas all over the world, from climate politics to corporate strategy, from medical research to healing practices.

The shared energy in whatever form helps us prioritize and synchronize. We are ready to stand up and fight for what we share. We also care for each other more. And we dare more when we are connected through positive energy. My mind is not only your mind. It becomes myour mind.

The world of relationships is the natural habitat of our social brains. When we interact, we impact each other’s internal state, influencing both short term brain configuration and long-term brain development. We are shaping ourselves, each other and the world through the exchange of energy. To work together we must notice each other, give space, stand side by side and mutually offer our help. The potential of social energy awareness is to improve human connections and to integrate what resonates.

Since personal, social and global energy is interconnected, everything and everyone is both influencer and influenced. We are all attractors and mediators. With attention, we can focus the energy. With intention, we can form it and direct the flow. Giving attention to your intention again and again will overtime attract the energy needed to unfold any potential. That’s the power of energy consciousness.