What started as a health crisis has the potential to accelerate the unfoldment of a new work paradigm based on energy consciousness. A crisis is a time of intense difficulty or danger, a rapid and disturbing change with no guarantee of a happy ending. We act instinctively and emotionally; struggling to get away from the perceived danger or to eliminate it. Our system is set on flight or fight mode. Exactly what we experienced in the first weeks of the corona outbreak.

Acute stress is natural for us and therefore normally okay. Chronic stress, however, is unhealthy for the body and mind. The longer the crisis, the more the hormone profile becomes one of depression and destruction. Often the first sign of chronic stress is lack of energy due to disrupted patterns of sleep, dieting and exercise in combination with excess worrying about the future.

Being low in energy will impair your mood, your ability to focus, your decision-making and your sense of meaningfulness. Living in survival for more than a few weeks will open the direct route to anxiety, burnout and depression. Nobody wants that, so we try to find ways to rebuild the personal energy and restore the energy flow between us and the rest of the world.