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"Unlocking the Hidden Potential: Harnessing the Power of Organizational Self-Esteem for Growth and Success"

Ulrik will explore the concept of organizational self-esteem and its impact on the success of a company. He will argue that a strong sense of self-worth within an organization is key to unlocking its full potential, yet is often overlooked or undervalued.

He will present examples and research to show how companies with high organizational self-esteem tend to be more innovative, resilient, and profitable.

Examples of topics Ulrik may cover include:

- How low organizational self-esteem can lead to stagnation, lack of innovation and poor employee engagement

- Strategies for building and maintaining organizational self-esteem within the company

- The role of leadership in setting the tone for an organization's self-worth

- How to measure and track organizational self-esteem over time

- Examples of companies that have successfully leveraged their organizational self-esteem to achieve significant growth and success.

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Ulrik Nerløe