Global energy

We are all part of the universal flow whether we are aware of it or not. No one is alone in the world. No act is without consequences for others. We are in this together, and there is no planet B as they say. Sustainability must be anchored in everything we do. Work must transform from ego-driven to eco-driven. This is the inevitable conclusion from the energy perspective

We live in a nested reality where the life of each agent unfolds in a series of finely interwoven events. A minor incident in one end of the system can have a major impact in the other. This dependence on the initial conditions and minor fluctuations becomes all the more evident the more virtual, instantaneous and remote our interactions on the Internet become. The potential of global energy awareness is to improve our ideas, choices and actions to create more responsible and sustainable solutions.

Since personal, social and global energy is interconnected, everything and everyone is both influencer and influenced. We are all attractors and mediators. With attention, we can focus the energy. With intention, we can form it and direct the flow. Giving attention to your intention again and again will overtime attract the energy needed to unfold any potential. That’s the power of energy consciousness.