One dream. Guiding stars. Same path.

With one dream and with guiding stars we create unified people and energy. The result is everyone moving on same path. Making the company dream come true.

At Unified People we help transform international organizations by creating a “winning culture” where corporate CEO’s and their employees see the value of bringing their heart to work, which impacts employee satisfaction and company performance significantly.

Since 2011 we have worked with a diverse stable of clients such as the Deutsche Bahn Cargo Scandinavia, Euro Cargo Rail (France), European Red Cross, Hilton Hotels, Tommy Hilfiger Nordic and numerous hospitals in Denmark, among others.

Based on a holistic human and corporate philosophy we connect business with dreams, and strongly believe that whole people are the fundament to create whole companies where we share the same dream, act as guiding stars and thereby starts to move along the same path.

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We move people and organizations to become world class.

Today and for the future.


Our heart matters

At Unified People we believe than it order to anchor a strategy it has to come from the “heart” – meaning that it has to incorporate and comply with the values and priorities of the individuals who craft it; further, it has to cohere with the ones who are going to implement it. In contrast, if strategies are deployed without true believe and with a lack of meaning to the organization, they will most likely fail; like most of the hefty organizational changes implemented nowadays.

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