What we do

All the services Unified People offers, take a point of departure in the model above. We believe, that to have a successful brand and corporate culture, an organization must be supported by whole people, which in turn make whole organizations. From our point of view, everything is connected.

At the very core of our model, we have identified the key components which we believe are the foundation of whole people. By this, we mean individuals who are conscious about their values, what drives them, and what they can contribute with to their surroundings. Having such insight in oneself enables you to contribute to the organization in a unique way, whether you are the receptionist or the CEO, doesn’t matter. What forms whole organizations is the combination of numerous units (people) who are in sync and walk in the same direction, while being aware of their singular contribution.

The successful transformation then, from whole people towards whole organizations rests on a strong organizational culture. And at the same time, a strong organizational culture rests on whole people, who wish to go in a joint direction and form a whole organization. Under organization culture, we work with multiple tools (introduce more details here), that help form and strengthen a positive work culture, and a strong sense of purpose and direction.

Apart from a strong organizational culture, it is equally important to exhibit externally that the company is highly engaged and committed to fulfill its purpose. Hence, a strong brand culture is derived from the same elements: whole people that form whole organizations. Taking a point of departure on these elements we help you develop a brand culture that reflects the same passion and authenticity from which the company was created, making sure that you communicate successfully to retain and attract customers.


People shape culture and not vice versa. Therefore, it is important that employees are aware of their role in influencing the culture and thereby the company’s foundation.


Most markets today are more competitive than ever before. Unified People believes that to truly succeed in winning over these markets organizations must be emotionally committed and thereby actively take care of their brand by establishing unique customer relations and competitive advantages.

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