Unified Network becomes Unified People


Most people go through life looking for answers.

When Unified Network was established back in February 2011 the dream was namely to help individuals find these answers. Bringing people from the unconscious to the conscious in order for them to gain insight which will provide a better outlook.

Our slogan at the time was: “WE CHANGE THE WORLD!” It still is, but from July this year we have decided to change our name to: Unified People.


Why is that?

The answer is simple…

Because that is what we do!


We unify people with our deep knowledge, insight, and experience by consolidating them with themselves to achieve authenticity! We join together employees in their workplace: management teams, departments or the entire company culture, striving for enhanced unity.

In many cases people within a company have an individualistic mindset, hence the added value of being joint into a whole is often greater than you dream of. Unified People helps to create a unique unity, where employees as well as costumers are attracted by the uniqueness of the company.

All in all, we help bring forward authenticity in the individual and thereby a framework to have a corporate culture where employees “Bring their heart to work”, and contribute to the energy and dreams of the company.

What we have achieved since our existence speaks for itself. The dream of “changing the world” is accomplished every day. The reason for our success can be explained in a few words: “The ones who master the synergies from the energies will be the ones who win the future”.

At Unified People we look forward to keep transforming your world.


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