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At Unified People we have the privilige to work with a broad range of companies representing different branches. Despite their diversity they all share the ambition of changing their culture and create strong results based on the most important asset – their employees.

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“We have gained a common language and a common understanding of the importance of bringing our hearts to work”.

Case story

“Bringing your heart to work” is a combination between looking after what is good for oneself while at the same time cultivating the respect for the team as a whole.

This is done by creating trust between the company’s managers. Based on this trust, we built shared norms and values, which transform the management team into a strong unit.

The development process:

  • Create common goals for the company with aspirations of achieving a better every day working culture.
  • Developing the organization through a parallel mentoring program for all the key employees.
  • Bring forward a culture where employees feel valued and respected.
  • Motivating individuals to change certain attitudes by focusing on a common energy with room for reflection and contemplation.

The individual mentoring program can bring clarity into multiple issues. For example, managers who might have been chasing the wrong career goals, and that in fact feel more comfortable with a leader position instead of top manager. Hence, the mentoring process functions as a catalyst for a successive organizational change, that progressively builds up a loyal, energetic, respected and top-motivated management group.

Carit Benike, DB Schenker Rail Scandinavia A/S

“Overall, the project has meant that certain points of view (and certain staff) and resistance to change has come to light. There was a lot of work done regarding arbitrary conditions and learning to distinguish between the elements that were and weren’t part of these conditions”.

Case story

The reason for using Unified People’s expertise was that our company was going to be led into a larger Scandinavian organization and had therefore the need of input and coaching to help management and employees with that task.

We had heard a lot of positive things about Unified People, and after a couple of meetings we decided to work together on this project.

I/we had an expectation that all points of view and opinions about this “merger” would be elucidated and thus, we would be able to work with this information to make the transformation as smooth as possible.

We were particularly impressed with the realistic action plans, the constructive feedback to our management and the valuable coaching for our employees and managers.

Overall, the project has meant that the resistance to change that was present came to light, and a lot of work was conducted on breaking down the differences between arbitrary conditions and things that could be changed. It has been a different experience for each employee and thus, with this insight, it has been easier to address the issues that arose on the everyday operations of the organization.

Jesper Jensen, Service Manager

“My feeling for the mood in the office has grown significantly, which has resulted in fewer conflicts and greater employee satisfaction”.

Case story

The company was in good growth, and I wanted to make sure that we could keep up with it from a managerial perspective. The way in which Unified People looks as leadership was very appealing as well as fully aligned with my perspective on motivation and work happiness .

After the first meeting with Ulrik Nerløe I was convinced that he could contribute with some new angles to our organization and my leadership style. I could immediately tell that I would not end in a situation where he would just tell me what I wanted to hear. In addition, Ulrik has some unique human qualities which I have a big respect for.

I expected two things: 1) an increased personal insight and 2) some tools to make our company the best place to work for all our employees. Both expectations have been met!

Sparring with an external person on some specific cases has had a great value for me, as I got a different view on our strategy and challenges, thereby being able to identify new opportunities. The self-insight and understanding I have gained from my mentoring with Ulrik has given me a greater peace of mind about my decisions – both professional and private.

I feel that I have become better at sensing the mood in the office and acting in accordance. I believe this contributes to the emergence of fewer conflicts on a daily basis, causing an overall greater satisfaction among my employees.

 Thomas Hansen, Partner

“We have raised the level of our customer service, which has resulted in stronger relationships with our key customers. We have become much better at working transversely and at resolving disputes quickly when they occur”.

Case story

We were aware that we had a self-improvement task in relation to employee development and service in a more refined form. We are in a very, very, tough and competitive market and in a situation with over 50% of overcapacity, where the battle for customers is huge.

I expected that Unified People would be able to set the stage for the employees so that we could get much more out of our learning efforts than in the past.

We gained a common notion of our challenges and tasks. Now we have a common language, which makes changes and initiatives much easier to implement. We bring our heart to work much more!

We have raised the level of our customer services, which has resulted in stronger relationships with our key customers. We have become much better at working transversely and to resolve disputes quickly when they occur.

Lisbeth Dahlgaard, Proprietor

“Combating change has truly come to shame”

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