We are proud to celebrate that Unified People was founded 6 years ago today

During these 6 years we have had the privilege of working with fantastic people and companies. Our dreams and believes have helped us create a unique process which we have thoroughly tested and that has proven to be a life changing process with results both at the personal and organizational level. Every day, we help people and organizations to see the value of bringing the heart to work with great impact on employee satisfaction and company performance.

We feel grateful that both Danish and international companies have decided to take on our dream and vision and we are proud to see the fantastic results they are able to deliver.


Simplicity is the key to success.

Complexity limits the potential of people and companies. If you are able to bring simplicity into a complex issue it will have a major impact on the agility and flexibility of the organization. Meaning, emotional intelligence, and an understanding of people’s individual energy are the key elements that we put into perspective for organizations. This has proven to be a strong game changer for the company culture and a foundation for their future.


Simple questions such as:  

“What makes me happy, besides my family and love ones?”

“What generates my energy and what drains me from energy?”

“Who am I?”

“What brings meaning to my life?” 

“What are my dreams?”


Basic questions with difficult answers to find. However, through a simply but effective process, we help people find the answers and make a human movement towards an improved quality of life. The sky is not the limit – the mind is. We believe that when you dream big you get big, so we can’t wait for the future to come. A dream that consists of a global impact in human life happiness.


We are looking forward to continuing to live out our dreams, and hope you will join our journey.

Together we create a better future.  

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