People sacrifice their life-energy every day

Unfortunately many individuals go to work without any passion or energy. This might be due to the fact that they are not satisfied with their job, but maintain it as a matter of pure survival. The consequences of such decisions are detrimental both for the individual in question, as well as for the organisation. Unconsciously these employees drain the energy from many projects they engage in at the company. Moreover, these low levels of energy will also be reflected in the person’s private life since these two go hand in hand.


We all know someone who is drained from energy, and hence has negative attitude. They are everywhere! – At work, at the gym, in family events etc. If a person or organisation surrounds itself with such individuals too often, they get drained from energy as well.


The question is: How can we help these people drained from energy?  And have you occasionally become one of them?

And the answer is simple, make “energy drainers” aware of their own effect. Tell them how they make you feel and which consequences it has.  

Ask yourself if you are always contributing with positive energy or do you have a unrelieved potential of becoming more aware of your own energy?


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