Our philosophy

One dream. Guiding stars. Same path.

In the old paradigm, the corporate world was working with strategy. We believe that needs to change!

A strategy is a thought based on a cognitive process without any emotions, whereas a dream will always be connected with feelings and thereby an emotional understanding which in our experience creates meaning for people. As it is scientifically proven that 98% of our personal decision process is based on emotions, it is crucial that people are emotionally “connected” to the dream and path that the company wants to go towards.

By communicating “dreams” instead of strategy we enable employees to better understand the direction that is wanted from the C-level. This change in communication makes it less complex to get the organization to engage themselves – as individual and group –  to the change and being an active part of it.

This is what creates a better balance between the present state and desired future and what opens the door to growth and a strong foundation for the future.

One dream is about making a clear path that everybody is able to identify themselves with and knows how to contribute to.

Guiding stars is a symbol of strong individuals that carries the dream, lead the way for others and create followers on their way. From the project start we, as consultants, are your guiding stars but soon every single leader will become a Guiding Star within the organization. Through mentoring and workshops they are guided and prepared to create guiding stars within their own organization. This “ripple effect” continues in the organization and have a huge impact on people around them – internally as well as externally. With same energy and enthusiasm, the dream will be spread out all relevant touchpoints and be an important element in attracting and maintain clients, new talent etc.

With one dream, guiding stars we create unified people and energy. The result is everyone moving on same path. Making the company dream come true.


People shape culture and not vice versa. Therefore, it is important that employees are aware of their role in influencing the culture and thereby the company’s foundation.


Most markets today are more competitive than ever before. Unified People believes that to truly succeed in winning over these markets organizations must be emotionally committed and thereby actively take care of their brand by establishing unique customer relations and competitive advantages.

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