A journey from the unconscious to the conscious

No matter how many workshops, keynote speaks, or courses we do, one thing does always surprise us – the role of consciousness and its impact on the individual. It is interesting how very simple mindset changes on a conscious level can have a big influence on the attitude of a person and their approach to things such as work and private life.

This was reflected in our most recent workshop, where we delivered a nuanced version of ”Our Heart Matters” for a division in the Danish Healthcare Industry. As the sector is undergoing major budget cuts, the workshop ”Can you bring your heart to work?” had a special focus on how the employees in the branch are able to still pursue their passion of providing quality service for their patients while adjusting to undergoing changes.

This was done by emphasizing the presence of arbitrary conditions and the importance of adapting to arbitrary change. Hence moving your daily focus to the elements you can have an influence on while challenging habits that keep you from being able to make a positive change. This was done by bringing to a conscious level the detriment of limiting habits and how to change them as well as the importance of having a strong and healthy work culture containing trust, cooperation, righteousness and respect.

Additionally, awareness was raised on the importance of having positive energy in the workplace as a key to success. By keeping a positive line of thought and having the right focus one should be able to ask oneself ”how can I contribute to my surroundings?” instead of unconsciously thinking ”what do others expect me to do?”, hence consciously shaping the positive and successful outcome that you desire.

This remainder of bringing habits, culture, and energy to a conscious perspective resulted in an entire division feeling ready to craft their own positive future.

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