When you talk to people about their dreams they often feel a bit challenged in the beginning. Dreams are not something that most of us think about in our hectic daily life. Nevertheless, very often the first thing that comes into people’s minds are dreams like “Travel around the world”, “Quite my job”, “Start my own company”, “Win the lottery” etc. What is interesting is that most dreams have one common strand – the ambition for freedom. The freedom to make proactive decisions about what we want in our lives and what we do not want.

At Unified People, some of our consultants are using the title “freedom creators” in their business cards. The reason for this is that their work helps customers achieve individual freedom based on their dreams. This is to be understood in the sense of enabling them to widen their range of options when it comes to decision making.  

When we talk about freedom with our clients, we refer to the feeling of being able to choose. Often, we encounter that individuals describe themselves as constrained or as being locked up in a personal “prison”.  Once individuals have identified their dreams they proceed to mention several limitations that keep them from pursuing their goals. On this issue, our take is that “what we think, is what we get”. Hence, if you think small you get small, but if you think big, you get big. Similarly, if you think positively about yourself you will also feel better about yourself.

 Using tools like dream visualization boards, meditation and self-awareness exercises, we help our clients make conscious decisions which were previously taking place in the unconscious mind.

The outcome of our dream process is simple. Dreams come true! It changes people’s lives and it pushes companies towards the success they dream about. We highly encourage you to embrace your freedom and use it to create a better tomorrow.