Executive Mentoring and Unified People

It has been our experience, that the Executive Mentoring program has provided amazing results for our customers. However, when they try to explain to others what has undergone under the program they have a hard time putting words into it. This might be due to the fact that our work with the costumer involves a lot of feelings, meaning, emotional intelligence and most important, a better understanding of their own identity.

Some of the core content involved in the program is about strengthening the individuals’ emotional intelligence as to allow the person to become emotionally clear and effective. Hence, especially in the case of leaders, these are trained to deal with all kinds of emotions for the benefit of the employees. With Unified People’s mentoring program, we train our customers on how to express their feelings and find their inner strengths. As a consequence, they attain a clear and strong communication in their organization, reduce emotions closely tied to the ego, and empower themselves to take as many viewpoints as possible.

Having undergone the mentoring program, managers often feel people are more comfortable and happy to be around them and that a shared enthusiasm is built.

Rather than being an ephemeral experience, the content of the executive mentoring sessions will provide a life changing experience that is contributing to the individual’s life quality in professional as well as personal aspects.

This may also make more clear to you why we chose to change our company name to Unified People.

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