Energy blockages in companies have the same effects as blood clots in our bodies

We all know that if a blood clot arises in a human body, it can have fatal consequences for the individual. But could you argue that the same effect applies when you identify energy blockages in a company? Energy blockages can arise in numerous forms; it can be a single person, a whole department, a meaningless process, the wrong strategy, an unattainable goal, etc. Long story short – we may unconsciously create energy blockages at different levels in the company without realizing the consequences. A strong and positive energy is the cornerstone of a successful business. The question is whether you possess insight regarding:

  • Present state of the energy.
  • Which energy blockages are obstructing your business.
  • The energy blockages effect with regard to:
    • Results
    • The attraction of new costumers
    • Job satisfaction
    • The employees’ overall quality of life
    • The future path of your business

There are two places in a company where the energy is typically best: the canteen and the reception. This might be due to the fact that:

  • The canteen is where you have a chance to slip the thoughts about work and bring renewed energy to the body through your meal.
  • The reception is the place where all people visiting the company enter. Usually with good intentions and energy (consciously or unconsciously) to achieve what they came for.

Have you reflected about the energy in your organization? Do you feel being filled or drained of energy when you are at work? When did you last think about your own contribution to the company’s energy? We meet many individuals, whom are not aware of the energy’s influence, which is of great value for both you and your organization.

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