Most companies are not aware of what their company energy is.  Some are talking about the spirit of the company. Some others are calling it their company magic touch but a lot of companies are not aware of the energy influence they are under everyday.

In a perfect world what is creating the company energy everyday?

The strongest energy sources in the company are the people that are coming to work. Unfortunately in a lot of cases people are coming to work everyday without contributing with new energy. They basically come to work  to “steal” the company energy.

But here is the positive part. Most people do not “steal” the energy on purpose. They are simply not aware of what they do and the beautiful thing is that this can be changed in all companies and with great results performance wise and company culture wise. It is just a matter of making people aware. The energy source has been there all the time it has just been nearly turned off. Question is though do you know what to do?

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