Founder of Unified People and bestselling author Ulrik Nerloe Talks about “How to Bring Your Heart to Work” in an interview on TV

During the launch of The Life Bridge Book in the U.S. founder of Unified People, Ulrik Nerløe, was interviewed on the two TV stations KTLA and ABC7. Watch the two interviews here about the value of bringing your heart to work. 



Clean and safe drinking water for the poorest in India

Pure water is a human right

In 2010, the UN stated that it is a human right to have access to clean water. Worldwide, 663 million people still had no access to clean water in 2015. This means that one out of nine people lack access to clean and safe drinking water.

For us, clean and safe drinking water is something we take for granted, and joints have access to when we turn on the tap.

In the world’s poorest countries, drinking water, on the other hand, is something that often requires long walking transportation and it is often a dangerous process and at the same time very low-quality water.


1040 inhabitants now have clean and safe drinking water

Through the organization Bridgit Water Foundation Denmark we have sponsored the establishment of a well in Korrapatipalli DC Colony, India. In just 14 days, 208 households and their 1040 inhabitants now have access to clean and safe drinking water, and the gratitude and happiness from the villagers is not to be missed when you receive the pictures and videos we have received from the village.


We have received amazing videos from the project. Here is one where some of the people from the village, wearing their finest clothes, proudly shows the well:

Gallery from the building up and opening ceremony:

The work has been done with local partners who continuously document the process and ensure that the contributions go to the agreed purpose. Before the project was started, we received the following situation report:
“The selected Korrapatipalli SC Colony is a remote village.  Currently, there is no borewell.  The people are facing water scarcity problem.    The local Government supplying running water to the village through the Pipelines TAP System, only once in a week.  So the tap water is not sufficient to the entire community. The domestic pressure for water, fuel and fodder falls primarily on the women. So these rural women are walking long distance about 3 Kilometers away with the plastic pots over the head or by the hips to bring water from a river which is unprotected source. Children also going to collect water from the river.  Men also sparing their precious income earning hours time to bring the water from a  river which is unprotected source.  I have attached some photos and the following video clips to see how the women and children are facing hardships to get the water for their domestic purposes.
These people need a drinking water borewell in the village to solve their water scarcity problem. 208 households and 1040 people will benefit from a safe drinking water bore well.” 
We are extremely grateful for the great work done to help the world’s poorest and happy to contribute to something that strongly supports our dream that we can change the world together. It is our clear goal that this is not the last well we have helped to establish.
Are you curious to hear more about how to support the world’s poorest to access clean and safe drinking water, we would highly recommend reading more on

The journey continues towards a better tomorrow.

We are on our offsite number 5 with one of our clients in France. An offsite that is part of their cultural development journey, where the whole company culture is re-imagined for a better tomorrow. A culture where high energy, clear transparent synergies exist, and above all, a culture where everyone works towards the same direction and the same goal: A better tomorrow.

An insightful experience for the 28 men and women in the management group, where they all share the personal development they have been through; sharing their obstacles to be able to continue the journey, and most importantly, creating increased trust between each other. Something, that at the end of the day provides a unique experience from the human perspective as well as for the organization as a whole.

The energy is strong in the team and the future is bright for them.

Børsen: “Danish leadership tips leads the way for cargo giant”

Our journey through the last 4 years with DB Cargo Scandinavia and Euro Cargo Rail in France has reached Børsen today. We are so incredibly proud and grateful for the results created with the two organizations’ committed leaders.

That the story of our cooperation has now hit Børsen Executive under the heading “Danish leadership tips shows the way in cargo-giant” is a big dream come true.

Hope you will enjoy the article.


Download the article as PDF (in danish)





We are proud to celebrate that Unified People was founded 6 years ago today

During these 6 years we have had the privilege of working with fantastic people and companies. Our dreams and believes have helped us create a unique process which we have thoroughly tested and that has proven to be a life changing process with results both at the personal and organizational level. Every day, we help people and organizations to see the value of bringing the heart to work with great impact on employee satisfaction and company performance.

We feel grateful that both Danish and international companies have decided to take on our dream and vision and we are proud to see the fantastic results they are able to deliver.


Simplicity is the key to success.

Complexity limits the potential of people and companies. If you are able to bring simplicity into a complex issue it will have a major impact on the agility and flexibility of the organization. Meaning, emotional intelligence, and an understanding of people’s individual energy are the key elements that we put into perspective for organizations. This has proven to be a strong game changer for the company culture and a foundation for their future.


Simple questions such as:  

“What makes me happy, besides my family and love ones?”

“What generates my energy and what drains me from energy?”

“Who am I?”

“What brings meaning to my life?” 

“What are my dreams?”


Basic questions with difficult answers to find. However, through a simply but effective process, we help people find the answers and make a human movement towards an improved quality of life. The sky is not the limit – the mind is. We believe that when you dream big you get big, so we can’t wait for the future to come. A dream that consists of a global impact in human life happiness.


We are looking forward to continuing to live out our dreams, and hope you will join our journey.

Together we create a better future.  


At Unified People, we strive for authenticity. It is very important for us that when we help companies and individuals with communication, culture, and strategy that they feel that the outcome of the project is authentic; meaning, that they own and stand for the change. Working with authenticity has many positive outcomes. First of all, it enables people to develop clear intentions, which is a very important pillar for success. Having clear intentions and showing it to your surroundings allows you to stay focused on the desired outcome, while not having to dedicate energy for pretending, or hiding second agendas. As intentions become more clear, trust within individuals in the organization also grows. This is due to the fact that people experience and feel the transparency of others. Secondly, in terms of your communication, this one will be much more powerful and effective, as you will be addressing the emotional intelligence of individuals who listen to you. When expressing things, you truly believe in, you are communicating from a high emotional level using your limbic system, instead of the neocortex. Taking into consideration that it has recently been proven that 80% of decisions are based on feelings, emotionally intelligent communication can become a very powerful resource for your organization[1]. A common experience supporting such studies are the daily life situations most of us have encountered at some point, where someone is saying the right thing, with the correct body language, but you still have the feeling that the person is not entirely telling the truth or that something is wrong.   After all, it has been pointed out that when we communicate, the recipient gets stimulated by the subconscious to a great degree[2].  Finally, authenticity sets a positive example for the rest of your organization, whom will feel attracted towards the liberating feeling of acting from the heart.

Reaching authenticity is not always easy. Many individuals influenced by their surroundings have forgotten their authentic/individual opinion about things. Hence, a journey lies in front of them as to reconnect with their authentic self. Moreover, beginning such a journey can involve certain insights, which might challenge well established practices and relationships which ought to be changed. Doing all of this in an organizational environment is not easy. Unified People helps managers and organizations undergo this journey. Often, in situations where the firm needs to reconnect with its core touchpoints: customers whom the firm has failed to fully serve, employees who have stopped believing in their managers, and suppliers with whom there is ongoing misalignment.


[1] Herr, P. (2009). Primal Management: Unraveling the Secrets of Human Nature to Drive High Performance. AMACOM Books.


[2] Heibeck, T. (2010). Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World. Massachusetts, USA: MIT Press.



When you talk to people about their dreams they often feel a bit challenged in the beginning. Dreams are not something that most of us think about in our hectic daily life. Nevertheless, very often the first thing that comes into people’s minds are dreams like “Travel around the world”, “Quite my job”, “Start my own company”, “Win the lottery” etc. What is interesting is that most dreams have one common strand – the ambition for freedom. The freedom to make proactive decisions about what we want in our lives and what we do not want.

At Unified People, some of our consultants are using the title “freedom creators” in their business cards. The reason for this is that their work helps customers achieve individual freedom based on their dreams. This is to be understood in the sense of enabling them to widen their range of options when it comes to decision making.  

When we talk about freedom with our clients, we refer to the feeling of being able to choose. Often, we encounter that individuals describe themselves as constrained or as being locked up in a personal “prison”.  Once individuals have identified their dreams they proceed to mention several limitations that keep them from pursuing their goals. On this issue, our take is that “what we think, is what we get”. Hence, if you think small you get small, but if you think big, you get big. Similarly, if you think positively about yourself you will also feel better about yourself.

 Using tools like dream visualization boards, meditation and self-awareness exercises, we help our clients make conscious decisions which were previously taking place in the unconscious mind.

The outcome of our dream process is simple. Dreams come true! It changes people’s lives and it pushes companies towards the success they dream about. We highly encourage you to embrace your freedom and use it to create a better tomorrow.

Unified People’s focus on leadership

At Unified People we emphasize the importance of human relationships as a key element to succeed in business. Especially if your responsibility involves leading other people towards a common goal. In connection to this, both our workshops and executive mentoring, highlight the value of being aware of individuals’ unique behavioral profiles and how to capitalize on them by enabling leaders and managers to allocate human resources in the most efficient way.

At the same time, our work methods are getting more and more support from the academic world. Among other studies, Marcus Buckingham’s research containing surveys of 80.000 managers as well as years of in-depth studies of few top performers show that, among other things; top leaders are the ones who discover the unique talent of their employees and capitalize on it[1].

Increasing knowledge about your employees strengthens your ability to redistribute certain roles in tasks so that individuals take advantage of what they are best at, while obtaining an overall higher performance and work happiness. In addition, by being able to create different roles in accordance to the employee’s abilities, these will tend to feel more engaged, as their contribution to the firm is unique. Moreover, it is also to the employer’s and employee’s advantage to be aware of what motivates them in order to give feedback and establish incentives in a rewarding manner.

In a recent case, we had a client which was undergoing a cultural journey with us, as to align their customs and norms throughout all of their departments to successfully implement their future strategy. Under the process, we found that one of the managers, whom was warm and had very good relations to his colleagues in his department, had always an excessive amount of work on his table compared to other managers. While he was very good in delegating the right tasks to the right people, he sometimes had trouble dismissing his employees/colleagues when they came up to him and asked him to do tasks which weren’t his responsibility. Once we ran our behavioral profiles on the management, it was clear to see for the manager (and his CEO) that the reason for the excessive workload was partly rooted in his way of being. Hence, making him consciously aware of it, while mentoring him and providing him practical tools, enabled the manager to redistribute the work with confidence, while improving the overall efficiency of his department.  

Although it may seem that this involves an enormously time consuming exercise (which it does); Unified People is able to provide you a frame, tools, and assistance to guide you through the process as well as presenting you with a common platform to help you tab into your employees’ unique human resources.



Executive Mentoring and Unified People

It has been our experience, that the Executive Mentoring program has provided amazing results for our customers. However, when they try to explain to others what has undergone under the program they have a hard time putting words into it. This might be due to the fact that our work with the costumer involves a lot of feelings, meaning, emotional intelligence and most important, a better understanding of their own identity.

Some of the core content involved in the program is about strengthening the individuals’ emotional intelligence as to allow the person to become emotionally clear and effective. Hence, especially in the case of leaders, these are trained to deal with all kinds of emotions for the benefit of the employees. With Unified People’s mentoring program, we train our customers on how to express their feelings and find their inner strengths. As a consequence, they attain a clear and strong communication in their organization, reduce emotions closely tied to the ego, and empower themselves to take as many viewpoints as possible.

Having undergone the mentoring program, managers often feel people are more comfortable and happy to be around them and that a shared enthusiasm is built.

Rather than being an ephemeral experience, the content of the executive mentoring sessions will provide a life changing experience that is contributing to the individual’s life quality in professional as well as personal aspects.

This may also make more clear to you why we chose to change our company name to Unified People.

Unified Network becomes Unified People


Most people go through life looking for answers.

When Unified Network was established back in February 2011 the dream was namely to help individuals find these answers. Bringing people from the unconscious to the conscious in order for them to gain insight which will provide a better outlook.

Our slogan at the time was: “WE CHANGE THE WORLD!” It still is, but from July this year we have decided to change our name to: Unified People.


Why is that?

The answer is simple…

Because that is what we do!


We unify people with our deep knowledge, insight, and experience by consolidating them with themselves to achieve authenticity! We join together employees in their workplace: management teams, departments or the entire company culture, striving for enhanced unity.

In many cases people within a company have an individualistic mindset, hence the added value of being joint into a whole is often greater than you dream of. Unified People helps to create a unique unity, where employees as well as costumers are attracted by the uniqueness of the company.

All in all, we help bring forward authenticity in the individual and thereby a framework to have a corporate culture where employees “Bring their heart to work”, and contribute to the energy and dreams of the company.

What we have achieved since our existence speaks for itself. The dream of “changing the world” is accomplished every day. The reason for our success can be explained in a few words: “The ones who master the synergies from the energies will be the ones who win the future”.

At Unified People we look forward to keep transforming your world.