At Unified People, we strive for authenticity. It is very important for us that when we help companies and individuals with communication, culture, and strategy that they feel that the outcome of the project is authentic; meaning, that they own and stand for the change. Working with authenticity has many positive outcomes. First of all, it enables people to develop clear intentions, which is a very important pillar for success. Having clear intentions and showing it to your surroundings allows you to stay focused on the desired outcome, while not having to dedicate energy for pretending, or hiding second agendas. As intentions become more clear, trust within individuals in the organization also grows. This is due to the fact that people experience and feel the transparency of others. Secondly, in terms of your communication, this one will be much more powerful and effective, as you will be addressing the emotional intelligence of individuals who listen to you. When expressing things, you truly believe in, you are communicating from a high emotional level using your limbic system, instead of the neocortex. Taking into consideration that it has recently been proven that 80% of decisions are based on feelings, emotionally intelligent communication can become a very powerful resource for your organization[1]. A common experience supporting such studies are the daily life situations most of us have encountered at some point, where someone is saying the right thing, with the correct body language, but you still have the feeling that the person is not entirely telling the truth or that something is wrong.   After all, it has been pointed out that when we communicate, the recipient gets stimulated by the subconscious to a great degree[2].  Finally, authenticity sets a positive example for the rest of your organization, whom will feel attracted towards the liberating feeling of acting from the heart.

Reaching authenticity is not always easy. Many individuals influenced by their surroundings have forgotten their authentic/individual opinion about things. Hence, a journey lies in front of them as to reconnect with their authentic self. Moreover, beginning such a journey can involve certain insights, which might challenge well established practices and relationships which ought to be changed. Doing all of this in an organizational environment is not easy. Unified People helps managers and organizations undergo this journey. Often, in situations where the firm needs to reconnect with its core touchpoints: customers whom the firm has failed to fully serve, employees who have stopped believing in their managers, and suppliers with whom there is ongoing misalignment.


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