Founder of Unified People and bestselling author Ulrik Nerloe Talks about “How to Bring Your Heart to Work” in an interview on TV

During the launch of The Life Bridge Book in the U.S. founder of Unified People, Ulrik Nerløe, was interviewed on the two TV stations KTLA and ABC7. Watch the two interviews here about the value of bringing your heart to work.     

Clean and safe drinking water for the poorest in India

Pure water is a human right In 2010, the UN stated that it is a human right to have access to clean water. Worldwide, 663 million people still had no access to clean water in 2015. This means that one out of nine people lack access to clean and safe drinking water. For us, clean […]

The journey continues towards a better tomorrow.

We are on our offsite number 5 with one of our clients in France. An offsite that is part of their cultural development journey, where the whole company culture is re-imagined for a better tomorrow. A culture where high energy, clear transparent synergies exist, and above all, a culture where everyone works towards the same […]

Børsen: “Danish leadership tips leads the way for cargo giant”

Our journey through the last 4 years with DB Cargo Scandinavia and Euro Cargo Rail in France has reached Børsen today. We are so incredibly proud and grateful for the results created with the two organizations’ committed leaders. That the story of our cooperation has now hit Børsen Executive under the heading “Danish leadership tips shows […]

We are proud to celebrate that Unified People was founded 6 years ago today

During these 6 years we have had the privilege of working with fantastic people and companies. Our dreams and believes have helped us create a unique process which we have thoroughly tested and that has proven to be a life changing process with results both at the personal and organizational level. Every day, we help […]


At Unified People, we strive for authenticity. It is very important for us that when we help companies and individuals with communication, culture, and strategy that they feel that the outcome of the project is authentic; meaning, that they own and stand for the change. Working with authenticity has many positive outcomes. First of all, […]


When you talk to people about their dreams they often feel a bit challenged in the beginning. Dreams are not something that most of us think about in our hectic daily life. Nevertheless, very often the first thing that comes into people’s minds are dreams like “Travel around the world”, “Quite my job”, “Start my […]

Unified People’s focus on leadership

At Unified People we emphasize the importance of human relationships as a key element to succeed in business. Especially if your responsibility involves leading other people towards a common goal. In connection to this, both our workshops and executive mentoring, highlight the value of being aware of individuals’ unique behavioral profiles and how to capitalize […]

Executive Mentoring and Unified People

It has been our experience, that the Executive Mentoring program has provided amazing results for our customers. However, when they try to explain to others what has undergone under the program they have a hard time putting words into it. This might be due to the fact that our work with the costumer involves a […]

Unified Network becomes Unified People

  Most people go through life looking for answers. When Unified Network was established back in February 2011 the dream was namely to help individuals find these answers. Bringing people from the unconscious to the conscious in order for them to gain insight which will provide a better outlook. Our slogan at the time was: […]

A journey from the unconscious to the conscious

No matter how many workshops, keynote speaks, or courses we do, one thing does always surprise us – the role of consciousness and its impact on the individual. It is interesting how very simple mindset changes on a conscious level can have a big influence on the attitude of a person and their approach to […]

People sacrifice their life-energy every day

Unfortunately many individuals go to work without any passion or energy. This might be due to the fact that they are not satisfied with their job, but maintain it as a matter of pure survival. The consequences of such decisions are detrimental both for the individual in question, as well as for the organisation. Unconsciously these […]

Energy blockages in companies have the same effects as blood clots in our bodies

We all know that if a blood clot arises in a human body, it can have fatal consequences for the individual. But could you argue that the same effect applies when you identify energy blockages in a company? Energy blockages can arise in numerous forms; it can be a single person, a whole department, a […]

Our heart matters

“Our heart matters” is one of the most popular workshops Unified People offers its costumers Several statistics show that Denmark is suffering from the lowest engagement at the workplace in ten years. Confidence in managers as well as management teams has been approaching its bottom, and more than 50% of Danish workers would change jobs […]

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